It’s a warp up …

Lazy blogger, lazy times.  Under pressure from *W to complete this story, this is the last post on this blog, covering some very memorable times, including some wonderful guests …








And what a trip its was – We’ve been everywhere Man




And farewell to Spring, hello Summer, hello next adventure





Kos collapses

So onto to Kos, which had recently experienced an earthquake, with very  obvious evidence …


But still a pretty place.

Conrad sizes shoes available

Conrad size shoes

And a sad day for all, as the Buccaneer had to return to Australia to attend to family matters.



Same, Same in Symi

Having visited Symi in 2013, we decided to make this our port of entry into Greece.

Captain Dampier and his buccaneer joined us in Datcha, Turkey for the 4 hour sail into Greece.  Really easy check-in compared with Turkish bureaucracy and rip-off (225 euro to leave)


First night in Symi, new crew mates joined SPRING for a few weeks sail through the Dodecanese.  Welcome to Will Shatner and Candice Bergen.


We had 3 nights in Symi, including a very memorable evening when we were joined by another Lagoon 450 owner couple from Portugal.

Francisco and Filipa lighten our lives

Drivers are not the best in Symi

Wild Wandering

With Gerry and his Pacemaker well settled aboard, we sailed south and east down the Carian Coast, with lunch stops on day hops into the Gulf of Gökova, avoiding the afternoon NW meltemi winds as much as possible.

Wanderings - 4th - 17 July

Highlights included a night at Castle Island, with its famous Cleopatra Beach.  The special fine white sand is peculiar only to this beach, and tradition narrates that Cleopatra imported the sand from the Egyptian desert for her lover Antony.  Would my *W do the same for me?

Cleopatra Beach
Antony must be a great lover!


Another find was Bozuk Bükü – a large bay dominated by the ruins of a Hellenic castle, believed to date from around the 10th century BC and strategically placed to influence the seaway between the mainland and the island of Rhodes 10 miles to the south.

The surroundings are stunningly beautiful with the ruins of ancient Loryma scattered about the bay with the ancient citadel preserved virtually intact.

Bozuk Bükü

With calm weather, and a brave Gerry, it was time for him to head up the mast to fix an antenna issue.  Well done, Gerry

View from the top

And something you don’t see everyday – a Goat in a Boat



Dinkim in Didim

After Captain Dampier and his Buccaneer departed in Bodrum, it was left to Captain Cook and *W to get SPRING to the 100 odd nm to Kusadasi to collect new crew .

No wind and wind on the nose meant mostly motoring with no more than a couple of hours sailing.  By the time we reached Didim (a.k.a Didyma), a popular seaside holiday resort, we decided the extra 2-3 days with adverse winds to get to Kusadasi wasn’t worth it, so we agreed with Gerry and his Pacemaker to taxi to join us.

Whilst awaiting their arrival we explored locally, including visiting the Apollo Temple ruins.


The Oracle told us it was going to be hot, damn hot, and yes it was!

Hot, Damn Hot
Off the scale hot … the Oracle was right

And off we go again – south and east so favourable winds at last.

Sitting out a blow at YalikavaK


Knidos – a most beautiful ruin




Thanks to the recommendation from the world famous Jim McG, who annual celebrates his own Knidos Day, SPRING spent a most favourable day enjoying the pleasures of Knidos.


One of the major ancient cities in Caria (southwest Turkey), it was famous for a very special object: the Knidian Aphrodite, a marble statue depicting the goddess of love in the nude.  Unfortunately when we visited, the sacred brothels are long since closed.